2016 Presentations

BAIL Peer Group - 03/11/16 Johnny Bourke - Long term recovery following the Canterbury earthquakes: A cross-sectional survey of wheelchair users’ experience of community inclusion.

BAIL Peer Group - 03/11/16 Tracey Croot - The implementation of a spinal cord impairment registry into clinical practice – the challenges of simultaneously working in your area of research.

BAIL Peer Group - 23/09/16 Dr Fiona Graham - Physiotherapist and occupational therapist experiences of adopting coaching methods when working with caregivers of children with disabilities.

BAIL Peer Group - 23/09/16 Rebecca Patchett, Family and behaviour specialists perceptions of family-centered practice in NZ for children aged 5-17 ASD population.

BAIL Peer Group – 23/06/16 Emily Timothy - Transitions in the embodied experience after stroke. A grounded theory study.

pdf of presenter's PowerPoint

VIDEO: BAIL Peer Group 05/05/16 Kit Hoeben - Enhanced Joint Arthroplasty Management: Use of statistical methods and toolset to evaluate the Total Hip Replacement and Total Knee Replacement pathways.

VIDEO: BAIL Peer Group 05/05/16 Dr Debbie Snell - "Thank goodness someone is keeping an eye on me." The importance of the therapy relationship in rehabilitation before and after hip and knee replacement.

VIDEO: BAIL Peer Group 18/02/16 Ally Calder - Blokes with Strokes Participate in Action Research to Explore the User-Friendliness of Fitness Centres

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VIDEO: BAIL Peer Group 18/02/16 Rebecca Washbourne A deepening understanding of rehabilitation in the Cook Islands: a participatory action research project?

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VIDEO: BAIL Presents 03/02/16 Associate Professor Nicola Kayes - What Matters Most to the Therapeutic Relationship in Neurorehabilitation?