Cecilia Clavijo

“BAIL focuses on bringing people together to create an impact that matters for those living with disability .. I am honored to be part of it all.”

Cecilia Clavijo


Prior to joining the team at BAIL, Cecilia has held various administrative roles and run her own business dedicated to introduce products that replace single use plastic. She describes her current role at BAIL as ‘the foundation that will support the team to focus fully on the vision’.

Cecilia hopes she will be able to make use of her professional knowledge and expertise, as well as her holistic thinking, in spaces that apply strategies to maximize improvements in people’s wellbeing and environment.

From a young age she felt a desire to engage with organizations and people trying to make a difference for those in need. One of her most vivid and happy memories was taking part in a trip where they took 85 children living with disabilities to a three-day camp. “To witness the smiles on their faces and feel their sense of freedom and belonging is something that I will never forget. Now as a mum of three young boys I am even more motivated to get involved in anything that would create a better future for my family and the world around them.”

On her days off she loves to connect with nature and spend time with her three boys—especially if it involves hiking or the beach.


Cecilia has a Graduate Diploma in Management, Certificate in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Production Engineering.