Josh Caldwell

“BAT’s research has the potential to impact the community and bring new ideas and ways to enhance the lives of the growing disabled community both in New Zealand and overseas.”.

Josh Caldwell

Research Assistant

Josh has always had the drive to see people smile and help make their lives easier.  After high school, he worked as a teacher’s aide for children with intellectual disabilities and was an after-school care leader.

Josh’s first appreciation of research was at high school while studying history and he became involved with BAT as a research assistant in the Telehealth project.  A particular highlight in his work to date is meeting interesting people and ‘being able to work with different members of the community and learning how to develop and design research that will make a difference‘.  He hopes to further develop his research skills and gain as much knowledge as possible to help make a positive impact on the community.

On his bedside table he has a family photo alarm clock and a small, glass box filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolates.  He enjoys listening to acoustic covers of music, especially hearing the pure soul of the person singing.  On his days off he likes to discover new restaurants and cafes with friends and family, find little treasures in Christchurch’s vast range of Sunday markets or visit his favourite place underneath the waterfalls at Ryde Falls, Oxford.