“I believe that Matauranga Māori is not only good for whānau Māori but is good for all peoples and I want to support the access to this knowledge in an appropriate way”.

Te Ao Marama (Jodi) Apiata

Māori Advisor

Since a young age, Te Ao Marama remembers his family spending many weekends exploring the coast line.  As a Māori whanau they enjoyed gathering kaimoana and watercress and this memory significantly shapes his understanding of what a whanau unit means.  After high school he went straight into working for the Dept of Conservation, the outdoors being an important aspect of  his life which he hopes to share with his boy.

In his role with BAT, Te Ao Marama is supporting our whanau to become more confident in what we know about Te Ao Māori so that we can freely engage in becoming culturally competent.  A particular highlight in his work so far has been gaining more understanding of the diversity in the space of disability and being challenged about his own bias.  He hopes that whanau Māori have opportunities to explore their Tino Rangatiratanga in the supportive space of BAT.

On his days off you will find him connecting to the taiao – the natural environment. His passion is rock climbing and he feels that when the sun is out there are few better places to be than hanging out on a rock face!  Te Ao Marama’s favourite place is beside his boy… “I am constantly amazed by what he sees does and says”.

Relevant Qualifications:
Bachelor of Indigenous study and Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga
Certificate in Māori Health
Certificate in Māori Rangatiratanga