BAIL welcomes collaborations and can bring specialist knowledge translation competence to your project, along with the expertise of those who live with disability!

Have your research reviewed by people living with disability!

What is the Burwood Academy Consultation (BAC) group?

The BAC group is a consumer engagement service for researchers. Members of the BAC group all have the expertise of living with disability, or living with or supporting someone with disability. BAC provides an opportunity for broad engagement through their consultation service, but can also partner and advise on research projects.
The BAC group welcomes research proposals ranging from preliminary research ideas, to thesis proposals, larger collaborative studies, and dissemination strategies. However early engagement is preferable to achieve the most efficient consultation for research.

How to use the BAC group

  1. Complete the online submission form HERE. The submission form requires information about the background, aims, and methods of your research.
  2. Submitted research proposals are then reviewed by appropriate members of the BAC group.
  3. Comprehensive feedback will be and returned to you in a letter.