Current Board Members

Arron Perriam (Chairperson)
Cholomondeley Children’s Centre (CE), Southern Centre Charitable Trust, Salvation Army New Zealand Trust.

Being CEO of Cholmondeley Children’s Centre and the Board Chair of BAIL are two different but tremendous Canterbury charities Arron is ‘proud and privileged‘ to be a part of.  Arron describes himself as a ‘dreamer and schemer who believes in the genius of others, in a world of amazing possibility‘ and is happy to follow, stand alongside or lead change that benefits others in our community. He leads with an open heart and a creative bent which has led to successes and failures. He is a husband, Dad, Pop and mate who ‘hopes to witness miracles in the lives of others and work to make a world of difference in the life of at least one child, person and family here in Canterbury’.

Pauline Barnett (Deputy Chairperson)
University of Canterbury (Adjunct Associate Professor), Comcare Trust

I jumped at the opportunity to be part of BAIL – it’s the one organisation that successfully puts people with lived experience of disability at front and centre of both research and action. As a public health/policy academic unsuccessfully attempting retirement, anything I do has to really matter to me. Maintaining links into the academic world is useful for my contribution to BAIL, so will probably linger on…

Prof. Gary Hooper
University of Otago, Christchurch (HOD – Orthopaedic Surgery & Musculoskeletal Medicine)

Dr Rick Fright
Chairperson and co-founder of ARANZ Healthcare Limited

Andrew Hall
CDHB, New Zealand Spinal Trust, Champion Centre, Pacific Disability Support Trust, Sporting Futures Charitable Trust, NZ Rugby Foundation.

Robyn Bissett
Nurses Memorial Chapel Trust

Len Brigden
Accountant, Staples Rodway Christchurch Ltd, Rotary Christchurch.

Recently retired from the Board