SCIPA Programme: Spinal Cord Injury and Physical Activity: Intensive Exercise from Acute Care to the Community



Led by the University of Melbourne, SCIPA was a series of multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trials that examined the effectiveness of very early intervention for the lower limbs, task-specific training for the arm and hand, and an intensive activity-based therapy program for the whole body including the paralysed limbs. A Certificate Training Program to improve the knowledge and confidence of fitness instructors in the community regarding exercise for people with spinal cord injury was also designed and evaluated.


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Feedback for Participants:

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SCIPA Switch-On results, read HERE

SCIPA Hands-On results, read HERE

Experiences of taking part in the SCIPA ‘Full-On’


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Dr Jo Nunnerley,
Burwood Academy of Independent Living.
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Researchers and Collaborators

Dr Rick Acland,

Anne Sinnott,

Raj Singhal,