New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Registry (NZSCIR) Data Point Review


Research Framework 

Engaging Rehabilitation


The NZ Spinal Cord Injury Registry (NZSCIR) was established in 2016 in response to an identified need to collect and disseminate data supporting service improvements, research and improvements in clinical practice. Together these three activities help enable the best outcomes for people with SCI.

The purpose of this NZSCIR data point review is to consolidate the current number of NZSCIR data points, which have remained unchanged since 2018.

Key review questions:

  • What data points are currently being used (e.g., research data access requests, service requests, presentation requests, clinicians)?
  • What data is currently missing/not completed at the data entry level? This should inform what is not deemed important, what is too difficult to collect or what is no longer required/needed.
  • What data points would benefit from being updated/modified?
  • Establish whether it would be appropriate to review the existing a priori questions and update them if appropriate.


NZSCIR commissioned project


A mixed-method quality improvement project involving data point mapping and prioritisation in conjunction with a range of NZSCIR stakeholders – people inputting data and people who require data to inform decision-making and/or research.

Status of Research

Stakeholder meetings

Data point review


Key Contact

Dr Rachelle Martin
Burwood Academy 
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871
Mobile:  +64 21 223 3362

Researchers and Collaborators

Dr Johnny Bourke 
Burwood Academy
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871

Research Assistants

Jasjot Maggo
Research Assistant
Burwood Academy
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871

Jack Ryan

UC Data Science Student