The Burwood Academy Consultation (BAC) Network is an initiative to promote consultation between researchers and their populations of interest.  Based on the philosophy that people with living with disability should have a greater stake in the research process, members have the expertise of living with disability, or living with or supporting someone with disability.  They include experts with impairments such as spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, and chronic pain.

The BAC Network is a key part of BAT’s commitment to ensure that people with lived experience are included in the research process.

The BAC Network is overseen by the Burwood Academy PLEx Engagement Committee (PEC).

What would be involved I joined?

As a member of the BAC Network you would from time to time be asked to review research projects.  We make the review process as straightforward as possible by providing you with a brief, easy to read summary of a research project and a one-page scoresheet. You may also choose to become an advisor or research partner for the duration of an entire research project that interests you.  Most importantly, you require no previous experience of research – you are the expert of living with disability and this is what matters. If you choose to join the BAC Network you can choose to withdraw from the group at any time, and would be under no obligation to review a project.

What benefit would I gain from joining?

If you decide to join the BAC Network you would have the ability to have input on research projects which may influence the lives of people living with disability. As a member of this group you will be invited to all BAIL functions and have access to research training.

To become a member of the BAC Network:

Complete the online submission form HERE

The submission form requires information about your lived experience and areas of interest/passion.

To submit a research proposal to the BAC Network:

The BAC Network welcomes research proposals ranging from preliminary research ideas, to theses proposals, to larger collaborative studies.

If you are a researcher looking to submit a proposal, please go HERE