SCI Action Plan Evaluation



The New Zealand Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan began its implementation in 2014 with the overarching aim to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for people with SCI, and to enhance their quality of life and ability to participate in society.  The SCI Action Plan Evaluation will include data from all those involved in the lives of those with SCI; including carers, family, community and hospital based health care professionals and those who themselves have a SCI, to achieve a thorough understanding of the effectiveness of the Action Plan.

See the New Zealand Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 2014–2019 HERE

The aim of the evaluation is to gain an understanding of:

  • How effective the SCI Action Plan is.
  • How the SCI Action Plan has been implemented.
  • The extent to which the objectives have been met.

Key evaluation questions:

  • What are the outcomes for people with SCI?
  • Are rehabilitation needs being met?
  • Does the rehabilitation provided maximise function and participation as a demonstrated outcome?


In addition to data provided by ACC and other health services, qualitative data will be collected in the forms of surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Status of Research

All the Surveys, interviews and case studies are complete.  Analysis is complete


Report is with ACC

Results coming soon!

Key Contact

Dr Jo Nunnerley,
Burwood Academy of Independent Living.
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871
Mobile:  +64 21 187 2651

Researchers and Collaborators

Dr Johnny Bourke,
Burwood Academy of Independent Living
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871
Mobile:  +64 21 112 5596

Dr Rachelle Martin,
Burwood Academy of Independent Living
Phone:  +64 3 383 6871
Mobile:  +64 21 223 3362

Emma Bailey
Accident Compensation Corporation

Research Assistants

Matt Aldridge, Burwood Academy of Independent Living


Ian Beattie, Lived Experience Advisor
Ian Simpson, Lived Experience Advisor
Sabine Krasniqi, Carer and Support Worker Advisor
Kathy Dwyer, Community Health-care Advisor
Nicola Billing, Auckland Rehabilitation Spinal Unit Advisor
David Tieleman, Burwood Spinal Unit Advisor
Amy Glassford, Paediatric Advisor
Kathryn Edward, Paediatric Healthcare Advisor
Debra Edmonds, Family Advisor
Mere Hibbs, Maori Health Advisor