Timothy Young

“PLEx-led research and frameworks influence equality of opportunity for everyone”

Timothy Young

Research Assistant

After high school, Tim moved to Dunedin to study Psychology, both of which he immediately fell in love with. He was amazed at what could be found out about people and human behaviour through psychology research and experiments, and how that information could help people.

After earning his Master of Science degree, he developed an educational video game. He is now focusing on accessibility issues after facing many accessibility issues throughout his own employment journey as a tetraplegic. One of Tim’s hopes is that as a research assistant for BAT, he can help complete research and develop frameworks that policy makers can use to improve equality of opportunity for everyone.

His favourite place is at home in his study, with his wife, cat, and dog on the couch. His hobbies include astrophotography, astronomy, and wheelchair rugby, which he is constantly struggling to find time to do more of.