Supporting people with incontinence after stroke to live a good life


Associate Professor Jean Hay-Smith
Department of Medicine, University of Otago Wellington
Dr Rachelle Martin
Rehabilitation Lead/Knowledge Translation Lead, Burwood Academy of Independent Living

Held: Thursday 21st November, 2019 at Burwood Hospital.

Incontinence following stroke reduces a person’s ability to participate within their families, homes and communities – and contributes to higher rates of depression and social isolation. Jean and Rachelle interactively shared how this realist-informed literature review and participatory research sets the foundation for intervention development, supporting stroke survivors to manage their continence so they can return to participating in personally meaningful activities and life roles. A better understanding the contexts of people with incontinence after stroke has allowed us to plan for future phases of intervention development more effectively.

Jean and Rachelle also provided a space to hear ideas and thoughts of those who attended.