Understanding BiasWho me – biased? He ngākau haukume tōku?

Wiki Haumaru Tūroro | Patient Safety Week 2019 is about understanding bias in health care. Having biases toward particular groups or individuals can affect their health as they may not get the proactive care they need.  To start to address this issue, the Health Quality & Safety Commission have developed three video learning modules on bias for people working in the health care sector who engage directly with consumers or who influence the way health organisations are managed.

Module one: Understanding and addressing implicit bias
Module two: Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and racism
(featuring the amazing Dr Matire Harwood)
Module three: Experiences of bias

The modules are an introduction to bias in health care. They encourage health professionals to examine their biases and how they affect the health care they provide, their interactions with consumers, and therefore their health outcomes.