Research Forum 27th September: Examining positive relationships between disabled people and support workers

Johnny’s presentation will share the results from the study, which indicate that positive, sustainable support worker relationships depend on having clear communication, establishing boundaries, building trust and sustaining a sense of flow.

Research Forum 31st August: Diagnosis and Treatment for upper limb CRPS

Exploring lived experiences of diagnosis and treatment for upper limb Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Research Forum 27th July: An Insider’s Guide to NZSCIR Data

A lot has been happening with the NZ Spinal Cord Injury Registry over the past couple of years. We want to update everyone on these changes and introduce the new members of the Registry team. We’ll overview who we are, what we do & how NZ data can be accessed.

Research Forum 1 June: Spotlight on Enabling Good Lives (EGL)

Join us to hear from Tom Callanan and Emily Timothy on the topic of Enabling Good Lives and what we should consider when incorporating EGL principles into research.

Research Forum 26th April: Risky Conversations

Join us online to hear from Philippa Friary and Rachelle Martin on the topic of how healthcare professionals can speak up to support patient choices in clinical settings.
Save the date BAT Peer Group March 8 2023

Research Forum 8th March 2023: Connecting with our Research Community

To kick off 2023, we are hosting our first Research Forum of the year in March. This will be a forum exploring research priorities in the realms of lived experience of disability along with health, wellbeing and rehabilitation and how to bring them to bear in our workplaces and community.

Peer Group 9th November 2022: Early Vocational Rehabilitation following Neurological Disability Study

Jen, Rachelle and Julianne from Univeristy of Otago and Burwood Academy are set to share overall learnings from the EVocS project at our next Peer Group meeting on the 9th November. This will be of relevance to health care providers working with people with spinal cord injury and acquired brain injury, and to vocational providers in general.

Peer Group 8th September 2022: Annette Rotheram

What makes a conversation successful when one person has aphasia?​ Development of a patient reported outcome measure. Results from a scoping review and nominal groups with couples with aphasia

Peer Group 21st July 2022: Dr Debbie Snell

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is common among people with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (TSCI), but rates vary across studies associated with different approaches to TBI diagnosis. In this presentation, Debbie will present the findings from a population-based perspective cohort study reviewing rates of co-occuring TBI among people with TSCI.

Peer Group 21st June 2022: George Stilwell

Quantitative strength analysis of people with C5-C7 tetraplegia. George presents the findings from his PhD studies that were completed with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Canterbury.

Peer Group 7th April 2022: Emily Timothy and Julianne Johns

A spotlight on Spinal Cord Injuries: Emily Timothy and Julianne Johns will be giving us a sneak peek at their presentations for the NZRA (New Zealand Rehabilitation Association) conference. The three presentations centre around people with the lived experience of spinal cord injuries (SCI)
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