Making use of Cochrane evidence


A/Prof. William Levack
PhD MHealSc(Rehabilitation) BPhty
Associate Professor – Rehabilitation; Associate Dean – Research
Academic Head of the Rehabilitation Teaching & Research Unit
University of Otago (Wellington)


Tuesday 16th July, 2019 at Burwood Hospital

The rehabilitation community is a major stakeholder in the work of Cochrane (formerly the Cochrane Collaboration). One in every 11 reviews and protocols published by Cochrane are on interventions provided by rehabilitation professionals. In 2016, Cochrane Rehabilitation was founded as a Field to act as a bridge between Cochrane and the health-related rehabilitation community worldwide. In part, this work has involved creating resources for rehabilitation providers, policy makers, and service users to help them to make use of evidence within the Cochrane Library relevant to their work and lives.

In this presentation designed for health professional, A/Prof. Levack explained how to read and apply knowledge from systematic reviews, with a particular view on how to read Cochrane reviews on rehabilitation topics.

Resources available:

Presentation slides

Video of presentation

Levack W 2019A/Prof. William Levack is the Associate Dean of Research for the Wellington campus of the University of Otago. He also works as an Associate Professor of Rehabilitation and Academic Head of the Rehabilitation Teaching and Research Unit in the University of Otago Wellington. Dr Levack is an Executive Committee member for Cochrane Rehabilitation – an international, interprofessional Field within the Cochrane Community – and was recently elected at the President of the New Zealand Rehabilitation Association. Dr. Levack has published over 60 peer-reviewed publications on rehabilitation, plus a number of textbook chapters. His research focuses on rehabilitation for people with neurological and chronic respiratory conditions as well as broader issues regarding interprofessional practice, person-centeredness and patient engagement in rehabilitation. He is currently leading an HRC-funded research project examining a new intervention to help people with COPD take charge of their health and wellbeing.

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