Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Following Traumatic Brain Injury


Dr Kristin Gozdzikowska, PhD 
Speech Language Pathologist and Clinical Researcher, Laura Fergusson Trust (Canterbury)


Thursday 10th October, 2019
Burwood Hospital

Peer Group 10 Oct

Cognitive fatigue is a troubling long-term symptom following traumatic brain injury (TBI), impacting participation and quality of life. A user-design feasibility study was completed, using a sample of clinicians and individuals with lived experience of TBI to design and test a Virtual Reality rehabilitation solution alongside engineers, researchers and designers. This novel and motivating system may provide advantages over traditional TBI rehabilitation approaches.

Co-Authors: Marcus King (Callaghan Innovation), Jo Nunnerley (Burwood Academy of Independent Living), Riley Stockwell (Cerebral Fix) and Nadia Thorne (Cerebral Fix).

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