A Spotlight on Spinal Cord Injuries.


Emily Timothy (Burwood Academy Trust) and Julianne Johns (Burwood Academy Trust)

A spotlight on Spinal Cord Injuries: Emily and Julianne have put a spotlight on two issues that are important to people with the lived experience of spinal cord injury (SCI)

Presentation 1

Early vocational rehabilitation after SCI

Emily presents the findings from an observational study that helps to conceptualise what and how early vocational rehabilitation works for people in hospital after SCI.

Presentation 2

“I’ve taught my doctor well” — the lived experiences of people managing pain after SCI

Between 66-79% of people experience pain following Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Many management options fail to provide adequate relief and even exacerbate other factors in the individuals pain experience.

In this presentation Julianne outlines a secondary analysis of data drawn from a wider study aiming to co-design a SCI pain rehabilitation service model for the New Zealand context. She explores perceptions of internal and external resources that empower people to manage pain, and the attributes of services that best support pain management, across the whole of their life.