During Participation

Your rights
The information sheet should include information on who to contact to talk through any concerns or questions you may have. There are usually three main options:

  • The researcher and/or their supervisor or the principal investigator
  • The ethics committee who approved the study
  • A Health and Disability Advocate at the Health Advocates Trust

Can I stop participating/withdraw from the study after the research has begun?
Yes! You may withdraw from a study at any stage without it affecting your ongoing healthcare.

How long will the study last?
Studies vary greatly in length. The length of the study, and the requirements on your time, should have been stated clearly in the study information sheet that you were provided at the time you consented to participate. If you are unsure, contact the researcher.

Will I get paid?
This varies from study to study. In some cases, a ‘koha’ or token of appreciation will be given to thank you for your time. This may be in the form of a voucher (e.g., a petrol or grocery voucher).