The Accident Compensation Corporation has published the evaluation report of The New Zealand Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan  (NZSCIAP) authored by BAIL.  We are pleased to share a Summary of Findings .

The Action Plan was found to promote funder/provider collaboration, and coordination and evaluation of services. For people with spinal cord injury, equity and timeliness of access, and individualisation of services remain areas for improvement.

Thank you to all our research participants; it is of vital importance to us that PLEx (People with Lived Experience) are involved in every aspect of our work – ‘nothing about us without us!’

As a result of the findings, BAIL has begun several research projects that explore how best to provide services for people with SCI.

Click here for a full copy of the of the NZSCIAP Evaluation Report

Contact BAIL ( if you would like further information or if you would like someone from BAIL to present the evaluation findings to your organisation or group.