Intersection of the elements of evidence-based practice in interdisciplinary stroke rehabilitation


Catherine Vingerhoets (University of Otago)


Thursday 12 November, 2020
at Burwood Hospital

In this presentation Catherine Vingerhoets presents her findings from the study she conducted at Toronto Hospital (Canada), looking at the intersection of the elements of evidence-based practice in inpatient stroke rehabilitation. She explains what evidence-based practice is with the most commonly used Venn diagram. The equal circles in the diagram suggest that each element has equal weight, equal value and equal importance—that each element of evidence-based practice contributes equally. Catherine wanted to find out if this was true. How does it play out in clinical practice and how do these elements interact in the real world. It was a small qualitative descriptive study using observation and focus group, using thematic analysis to analyse the data. Three themes were developed that represent the intersection of the elements of EBP; the patient as the driver, EBP as a fluid process and EBP as a collaborative team approach and Catherine unpacked these during her presentation.  She concluded by speaking about her PhD project which has stemmed from this initial study into EBP.