Te Tiriti Partnership: on the ground actions for clinicians

Presented By: 

Dr. Rachelle Martin, Cate Grace & Te Ao Marama Apiata


Thursday 15 April 2021
At Burwood Hospital.

In this presentation, Te Ao Marama, Cate & Rachelle shared their reflections and thoughts on actions that all clinicians can take to support Te Tiriti based partnership in health care provision.

What actions support partnership in individual clinical interactions? What actions can clinicians take to address equity of access, experience and outcomes in the way processes and systems are structured?

What is an Alliedship statement? What is yours?

What is partnership from a clinical perspective? What is from a tāngata whaikaha perspective?

Who’s table are we sitting at?

What might cultural competency mean to the system, to you or your tāngata whaikaha?

What is your responsibility to Te Tiriti o Waitangi? What is the role of Tāngata / Mana whenua?

What is your understanding of the why?

What has been the outcome of Te Tiriti o Waitangi?

What tools have we at hand to support Mana Motuhake?

How do you apply them?

Dr Rachelle Martin, 

Rachelle has worked extensively in the area of acquired brain injury. She is involved in a number of research projects focused on outcomes that are considered important by people with lived experience of disability.

Cate Grace, 

Cate has broad experience from working across health, wellness, social enterprise, government, charity, small business and corporate sectors. Her passion is to encourage others to fully participate in their world and to find their voice on things that matter to them.

Te Ao Marama Apiata,

Te Ao Marama has worked and studied extensively in the Māori health and community sectors in New Zealand. A particular highlight in his work so far has been gaining more understanding of the diversity in the space of disability and being challenged about his own bias.  He hopes that whanau Māori have opportunities to explore their Tino Rangatiratanga in the supportive space of Burwood Academy Trust.