The University of Otago’s postgraduate inter-disciplinary paper NURS433/PSME439 Intellectual Disability Theory into Practice paper will be running in the second semester.

  • This paper will be delivered in a blended online learning environment in which there will be presentations, workshops, tutorials, and potentially, some face to face (Pending the pandemic in the next couple of months!!).
  • EOIs and Applications by the end of this month. People can request to enrol in this paper as a COP (Certificate of Proficiency) which could be factored into further study to build a PG degree in time to come.
  • Eligibility for this Level 8 paper: Anyone with an undergraduate degree, and/or hold a professional health/education qualification.
  • Enquiries about admission and enrolment can be directed to either NURS433 – and PSME439 –

NB – The two codes are linked to the departments working together to off this paper – Department of Psychological Medicine and the Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies

Applications Online:

Should you or others have any queries at all about the paper –more than welcome to contact me directly –