BAIL presents at ASSBI/NZRA Inaugural Trans-Tasman Rehabilitation Conference 2019

The BAIL team (Jo, Johnny and Rachelle) were delighted to present a ‘how to’ workshop at the ASSBI/NZRA Inaugural Trans-Tasman Rehabilitation Conference held in Wellington on the 3/4th May.  The focus of the workshop was consumer engagement; specifically why researchers should do it and some tips on how to do it.  During the presentation, the BAIL team provided examples of our commitment to  incorporating the lived experience of disability into all of our activities.  This included governance, setting of research priorities, and the Burwood Academy Consultation (BAC) Group.  During the presentation, we also stressed the importance of building capacity of people with lived experience.  This can include helping people to develop research skills and/or facilitate further training and development in the research field.

The presentation also included a fantastic video of Hamish Ramsden who has been on the BAC Group since 2012.  Hamish provided very interesting insights regarding his experience of consulting and providing feedback on a variety of research projects.  You can see the video HERE.  We were also privileged to include a presentation from Verna Stavric, a PhD candidate at AUT.  Verna discussed her experience of using our BAC Group to consult on her PhD proposal and how the feedback shaped her research for the better.

After the presentation there was a lot of great discussion, with many of those attending expressing an interest and desire to not just learn more about consumer engagement, but make sure they value the input of those with the lived experience of disability in a legitimate and truly respectful manner.

If you or your team have an interest in learning more about engaging with people with the lived experience of disability, please do not hesitate  to get in touch.

JB Wellington 3May19

Johnny taking time to enjoy a beautiful day on the Wellington waterfront.