JC BEAR AwardAt the end of 2019 we took some time to celebrate each other and to reflect on the great stuff we have done over the year. One of the fabulous parts of working with BAIL is the opportunity that we have to co-produce research.  This means that health care professionals/academics work alongside people with the lived experience (PLEx) to learn from each other, and to ensure that the work we produce remains relevant.  At the moment BAIL has 8 PLEx research assistants working across a range of projects.

In the spirit of a good research programme (which often have acronyms only slightly related to the first letters of full project title) we gave out Golden Burwood Academy Excellence, Artistry and SupRemacy (BEAR) awards.  As an example, the Burwood-famous Josh Caldwell received the award for ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’. His citation read:

The award for ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’ goes to person who understands that looking good communicates a message, providing hope and optimism to others. This person comes to work so well put together that the production team needs to do very little to prepare him for filming each day. Of particular note, his space-grade red lipstick shows a tenacity not seen in other readily available products.  While he might look great on the outside, this person also exhibits an individualised inner style that can be seen and appreciated by all. For his fabulous work which inspires us all, Josh Caldwell is awarded the ‘Best Makeup and Hairstyling’ Golden Bear Award.

Josh is working on the Peer Support evaluation projects and is working with Rachelle on data collection and analysis.  His insights and his ability to thoughtfully listen to participants during interviews is so very much appreciated. But his is just one of many …. have a look to see who else works as part of our growing team.

BEAR Award Cert