Recruiting Now!

Many disabled people require disability support workers (DSWs) to perform daily tasks, participate in the community and live a life that is meaningful for them.   

Dr Johnny Bourke and Julianne Johns, with the support of the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation, have begun a study seeking to understand what makes for positive relationships between Disabled People and Community Disability Support Workers in Canterbury. 


A clearer understanding of ‘what works’ to support the relationship between disabled people, their family and whānau and community DSWs can help target resources and funding for effective provision of disability support services.  

We would love to hear the experiences of  

  • People who require in-home community support workers  
  • Family/whānau members of people who require in-home community support workers  
  • People working as community support workers 

If this sounds like you and you would like to be involved in this project, please click here